​​What Is Molting Process Of Crabs?

Molting is an inherent cyclic process that occurs in all crustaceans, as a crab grows its hard exoskeleton (shell) becomes too small for its body and it must grow a new one. The process of replacing the exoskeleton is called molting.

The molting cycle is an extremely complex process that is normally divided into 4 main stages: inter-molt, pre-molt, ecdysis (shedding), and post-molt. In addition, it is a very stressful and dangerous process for the crab that can take up to several hours and requires a lot of energy.

The exoskeleton is hard and rigid. So, it does not grow, it cannot grow. Therefore, crabs must shed their old exoskeletons to make room for new ones. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Similar to other crustaceans, in crabs, the molting process is controlled by environmental and endocrine hormones, which are located in their eyestalks.



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